Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

Presenting the amazing new BLACK 7000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush


Braun presents the smart way of brushing teeth with Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush. It is the first ultra-modern tooth brush which is made to be connected with the smart phone, through Bluetooth. It presents the users to operate in six programmable modes, for different dental issues.

Key specifications:

Braun presents the first electronic brush connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth. This is not enough. One can link it to Oral-B app. This presents the user an all-new level of brushing. The app finds out the most vital areas in the mouth, records the habit of oral care day to day and also suggests with tips for dental care. The app realizes when someone brushes too vigorously.

The bristles are logically arranged, so that it can give detailed clean mouth. There is a 3 dimensional cleaning oscillator, which makes this work possible. Moreover the toothbrush is logically programmed to work in six modes. They are tongue cleaning, daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, whitening and gum cleaning. The dimension of this toothbrush is 4.7 by 6.6 by 10 inches. And it weighs 2.6 pounds.



This a miraculous invention for cleaning teeth. Yes, if one do brushing in the right way, they there will be dental problems and no one will have to go to the dentists. Oral-B has made the complete package to clean all parts of the tooth. The kit also includes a smart handle, a cross action brush, a sensitive brush, a whitening brush, a sensitive brush and a charger. It comes in a beautiful travel case. The pack have a guide, which gives all information about the action and functioning.

Different brush heads are provided to achieve different results. The oral care tips given by the app is really helpful in maintaining the hygiene of the mouth. These tips are generated by professionals. So one can readily image, the level of service they are getting using this.

The battery generally lasts for seven to 10 days, based on the usage. Moreover, the all new pressure sensor can sensitive the level of pressure one is applying to clean teeth.


This miraculous invention also have some downsides. Firstly, one should know that it takes more than 12 hrs or more to recharge. Secondly, when the battery has reached its end of life, there is no way to replace it. One will have to buy a new one. Some customers also complained that it stops in the middle of brushing.

The final verdict:

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush is a ground breaking invention in the field of toothbrush. Yes, every electronics gadgets have some corns, so is this. But the main part is oral care. It have the high level programming to take care of each and every dental problems separately. So, it is like getting a professional tooth care every day. Many customers are very much satisfied with its performance and also recommend it for others.


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