Fairywill Sonic Powered Electric Toothbrush ADA Accepted with 5 Modes, Smart Timer, 3 Brush Heads, Fully Rechargeable with One 4 Hr Charge Last 30 Days, Whitening Toothbrush for Adults in Pink

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With the power of 40,000 micro-brushes per minute you will get A Cleaning That Is So Thorough You Will Feel As If You Just Got Out Of The Dentist’s Chair. This brush delivers 40,000 Micro-Brushes Per Minute, giving you a Over A Month’s Worth Of Manual Brush Strokes In Less Than Two Minutes. Enjoy clean and healthy teeth in 7 days and improve gum and oral health in 14 days.
One 4 Hour Charge For A Minimum of 30 Days Use you can bring it on a travel or business trip without adapter and USB cable. A two minutes smart timer with interval pauses reminding you to change quadrants every 30 seconds to encourage the dentist-recommended brushing habit. It’s Waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower.
With 5 Modes you will always get an Awesome Clean that is just right for you. Each of the 5 modes will give you great total mouth care plus extra focus on your key needs and desires to suit different conditions of teeth and gums. The 55 gram extra-light weight design makes it easy to handle, which is less than half the weight of a regular electric toothbrush.

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Color:FW-507(crystal Pink)

You Will Get: High Level Oral-Care, Gum Health, Fresh Breath, Thorough Cleaning And Whitening.

When it comes to battling plaque and promoting teeth and gum health, The Fairywill FW-507 Electric Toothbrush Is A Game Changer. This brush delivers 40,000 Micro-Brushes Per Minute, giving you a Over A Month’s Worth Of Manual Brush Strokes In Less Than Two Minutes. The powerful sonic movements whip up toothpaste into micro bubbles, driving them deep between teeth and along the gum line for Gentle, Effective Cleaning. Overall an upgraded brushing experience than a regular electric toothbrush.

Our electric toothbrush has 2 minutes of smart timer, 30 seconds every interval to remind the dentists to develop recommended a good brushing habits, waterproof can be used in the shower.

Rechargeable, a full charge takes only 4 hours to fully charge and at least 30 days use after a full charge. Compatible with mobile phone charging head and computer equipment, any with USB port can be used to connect to charge the toothbrush. Automatically shuts off after full charge to avoid overcharging.

Package Includes:

1* Crystal Pink Electric Toothbrush Handle

3* Replaceable Electric Toothbrush Heads

1* Protective Bristle Cover

1* Charging Cable without Adapter

1* Instruction Manual

POWERFUL CLEANING – ADA Accepted , with 40,000 micro-brushes per minute, enjoy clean and healthy teeth. Get a thorough cleaning with reduced noise, an overall upgrade over other regular electric toothbrushes.
ONE 4-HOUR CHARGE LAST 30 DAYS – compatible with any power source with an auto shut off after a full charge and a low battery reminding. The long battery life is supported by USB charging. This electric toothbrush is convenient to use at home or travel – bring it on any trip with the easy to use adapter and USB cable. THE 2 MINUTES SMART TIMER with interval pausing every 30 seconds encourages a good brushing habits.
High Quality ADA Accepted – This Fairywill product is ADA Accepted . The ADA is the professional association of dentists dedicated to serving both the public and the profession of dentistry. The ADA promotes the public’s health through commitment of member dentists to provide quality oral health care, accessible to everyone. Fairywill always works to give you the highest level of quality and care, that is why we associate ourselves with the best and work to give you the best.
5 HIGH-PERFORMANCE BRUSHING MODES to suit different conditions of teeth and gums. 55 gram extra-light weight designed, less than half of regular electric toothbrush. Light in hand but thorough cleaning with reduced noise, upgraded brushing experience than a regular electric toothbrush. 3 brush heads included.
The bristles are made with dupont nylon, to suit teeth topography for thorough cleaning of gums and hard to reach areas. There is a rounded bristle top for safety and gentleness. The brush heads will remind you to replace your brush head through blue indicator bristles. Gentle on your gum and blue indicator bristles fade in color to let you know when it’s time to replace the brush head.



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