Sonic toothbrush- reasonable toothbrush buying guide for individuals

What is sonic toothbrush?

Best sonic toothbrush – Generally, it is the newest inventions to the electric toothbrush. However, all the models available for the electric toothbrush give clean teeth but this one is definitely the best invention done to the electric toothbrush. We are going to discuss about the powers of the sonic toothbrush and the effectiveness of the brush when you start using them for your sensitive teeth or gums. We hope that the guide for sonic toothbrush will clear all your  doubts of having a brush that can clean without harming your sensitivity.

Let us consider working and effectiveness of sonic toothbrush

To know about the working and effectiveness of the sonic toothbrush, we need to know about the features to list down how well it will work for individuals suffering from sensitive gums.

Features of Sonic toothbrush

  •  Sonic brush features UV brush head sanitizer for effective brushing.
  • It consists of  Sonicare full-power brushing mode , and this is for the entire models of the Sonic toothbrushes.
  • Sonic toothbrush consists of easy start mode as well as different modes can be set for sensitive teeth of an individual.
  • Sonic toothbrush consists of go care as well as Max care routines that is necessary items to have in brush meant for sensitive teeth and gums.
  •  Sonic toothbrush models specially the healthy white models give white and clean brushing routines.
  • It consists of models having E-series, Pro-results, A-series, and Hydro clean brush heads.
  • Sonic toothbrush contains features such as Quad Pacer and smart timer and this feature is present in all models of sonic toothbrush range.
  • All models of sonic toothbrush come with recharger or battery models.
  • All the models of sonic toothbrush come with travelling features and have mechanical designs.

All the features given above will help you to decide how well the sonic toothbrush works and further you can determine the effectiveness of sonic toothbrush on your teeth.

Cleaning actions of best sonic toothbrush

Based upon the type of technology used in sonic toothbrush will determine the cleaning actions of the toothbrush. The brush will give clean effects to the areas were the bristles of the brush touches the area. Sonic toothbrush is the only electric brush claiming for effective cleaning action for the entire areas of your mouth.

The technology used for making sonic toothbrush consists of high vibration speed

With the help of the head of the sonic toothbrush, it becomes easy to determine the speed of the moving brush that attacks plaque. Usually, the toothbrush having higher vibration speed can create strokes up to thirty thousand in one minute that is generally quite high in comparison to other brushes. One of the reasons for the popularity of sonic toothbrush is the higher number of vibrating motions creating in one minute giving better cleaning.

Higher vibrations will attack the plaque fast as you have to focus on point first for few seconds and then you move forward and reach the areas that are difficult to clean when individuals have sensitive teeth.

Working skills of sonic toothbrush

Sonic toothbrush follows two separate mechanisms. The two mechanisms are as follows:

  • Conventional mechanism
  • Sonic technology Mechanism ( no other brush consist of this technology)

Few more things are important when we talk about the sonic toothbrush

1. Mechanical scrubbing
Scrubbing a sonic toothbrush is done by the bristles and it is the biggest part of the cleaning action on the entire surface of the user’s teeth. However, all the toothbrushes have same scrubbing mechanism but techniques are quite different.
2.  Fluid dynamics
Sonic toothbrush has the capacity to create secondary cleaning actions and the secondary actions create intense speed that results in the vibration of the bristles of the sonic toothbrush. Fluids surrounding the teeth move because of the motion created by bristles. The dental plaque is agitated to move with these fluids from all the areas even were the brush is not moving. This is possible only with sonic toothbrush as per the claims.

When the sonic brush vibrates at a greater speed, it is natural that the motions will be strong creating shear forces and waves that surround your teeth. The formation of the bubbles will help to clean the surfaces where plaque accumulates.

With these combinations of features, it becomes easy to disrupt the plaque from the harder to reach corners of teeth such as below gum line. In case of individuals, having space in teeth with is more than normal space bristles can easily reach and target the plaque.

It is true that sonic toothbrush consists of lot of force and motion and the speed of cleaning is very fast. Still they do not cause any harm to gums, instead the dentists recommend individuals to get sonic brush for their sensitive teeth, to clean teeth time to time at least for two times in a day to avoid sensitivity. You can use any of the sensitive toothpaste with your sonic toothbrush.

Enamel of the teeth is equally important and many studies were done to find out variations  using a sonic toothbrush on different enamels. With the help of the studies, it became easy for the researches to develop different types of sonic toothbrush for different kind of enamels for helping the toothbrush to clean effectively.

Conclusions taken out from the samples for sonic toothbrush on enamels were as follows:

First conclusion for sonic toothbrush

The first conclusion taken out  from the sample was that the contact time of the brush on the enamel should be more than 10 seconds in order to remove the most rigid plaque from the teeth, lesser contact that lasts for 3 seconds to 5 seconds gave only 95% results for removing plaque from teeth.

Second conclusion for the sonic toothbrush

While taking sample, the toothbrush was held 2 mm away from enamel. When it was placed in the targeted area in five seconds, it removed almost 60% of plaque from teeth. This showed that there was no need to apply force to push the brush into mouth to get better cleaning. Holding brush,at a distance gave perfect cleaning.

Third conclusion

This conclusion was derived based on conventional mechanism. So two brushes were taken, one was manual brush with less conventional mechanism and the other one was with conventional mechanism and this brush was sonic brush. When the non-conventional brush was placed on the enamel, no cleaning signs were noticed on the teeth. In case of sonic toothbrush, having conventional mechanism the plaque was removed totally from the enamel that showed the effectiveness of the sonic toothbrush.

Therefore, all the conclusions taken out from the samples was that sonic toothbrush works well on enamel  and conventional mechanism of the sonic toothbrush brings it forward to stand first among the available brands of electric brushes. The brush stroke levels are quite effective in case of sonic toothbrush.

Understand why sonic toothbrush is a good product

Consumers encounter many questions regarding the sonic toothbrush before categorizing it as good product. According to us, sonic toothbrush has all features you look for in a toothbrush for sensitivity of your teeth and gums.

Sonicare is the best company selling sonic toothbrush for the user having different teeth problems. Even the dentist have proven that sonic toothbrush includes toothbrush of different varieties and out of them few models are just perfect for cleaning the teeth in a daily routine. Sonicare is selling the best sonic toothbrush in the market and this is the reason for a higher demand of the sonic toothbrush in the market. Sonic toothbrush was first brought into market by sonicare so you can look for this brand, as it is one of the best available brands in the world of electric sonic brushes.


Qualities as well as the purchase of the sonic toothbrushes are related to each other because if the quality is going to be good then naturally consumers will purchase sonic toothbrush. As per the recent experiences of customers, we found that in earlier days when sonic came into market people were not much aware of its benefits and features but as time passed away people started noticing it.

The techniques of making sonic toothbrush changed, new features came, and today when people go out in search of electric toothbrush, it is the first choice. With latest inventions the sonicare company selling the best sonicare toothbrush is making sure that the toothbrush are available at reasonable prices so that even the middle class individual can afford buying the sonic toothbrush.

The individual who own the sonic toothbrush believe it  offer good experience and it exactly have all the features that are given in the product description. Best sonic toothbrush serves an individual for a longer period in comparison to the ordinary electric toothbrush. Buying best sonic toothbrush online is good option if you are looking for a reasonable sonic toothbrush for you and your family.

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