Sonicare Flexcare with Uv Senitizer and Free Waterpik Power Flosser

Sonicare Flexcare

Sonicare Flexcare with Uv Senitizer and Free Waterpik Power Flosser

Oral hygiene is the first step towards a healthy body after all teeth are where the digestive process starts. A good set of chompers really don’t need you to be a rocket scientist. All you need to maintain them is ensure cleanliness. A clean mouth is the best care you can provide for your pearly whites. Towards this end a disciplined regime of brushing your teeth properly is a must. Choosing the correct equipment to use for the brushing process is as important as actually doing it. Towards this end Philips has developed an advanced oral hygiene system, the Sonicare Flexcare electric toothbrush. It’s a battery operated automated toothbrush that is going to add that much needed teeth to your arsenal against tooth and gum problems.

The flexcare system is a battery operated toothbrush with multiple heads that help you efficiently reach the deeper recesses of the mouth. It comes with a smartstep mode which increases the brushing intensity over 12 consecutive brushings. This is to allow time for your gums to get used to more precise cleaning than that afforded by a conventional toothbrush. If you are a regular user of powered toothbrushes it is possible to turn off the smartstep mode as well. There is a system for sanitizing the brush heads between brushings using UV rays built into the docking/charging station. This system keeps the brush free of up to 99% of all bacteria and virus that are known to make their homes on brush heads.

What’s more in this particular pack you even get a water pick bundled with the powered toothbrush. A waterpik is the ultimate power flosser tool for your mouth. It has been proven to be 93% more effective than conventional flossing. It is especially beneficial for children with braces and for diabetics who cannot floss in the conventional manner.


  • Battery operated toothbrush
  • Powered water pick flosser
  • Smartstep option for gently easing into a powered toothbrush
  • Multiple heads for difficult to reach areas as well as for different mouth types
  • No magnets or screwing in of caps required so all is clean
  • Travel charger included
  • Timer option


1. Convenience:
The Flexcare has a very ergonomic handle and a curve of the stem which makes reaching deeper recesses of the mouth a breeze. The UV brush head sanitization system makes it a lot simpler to ensure hygiene for the toothbrush. The included water pick is useful for flossing without having to worry about injuries or tangling as in the case of braces. The quad timer helps you precisely clean each quadrant of your mouth without missing any areas.

2. Long lasting:
Since there are no magnets in the brush head it does not rust like other electric toothbrushes. It also has no screw on parts so no accumulation of grime happens. Basically this is a toothbrush that cleans and stays clean relatively effortlessly.

What users love about the Sonicare Flexcare with Uv Senitizer and Free Waterpik Power Flosser

The best features of this tooth brush are that unlike others in the same league this one is much lighter, ergonomically designed and has the UV sanitizer for the brush heads. It also comes with a waterpik power flosser which is a great tool for ensuring extensive oral hygiene.


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